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Social speech is confusing and ambiguous. However, our Knowledge Graph Evaluator helps you understand what social media creators and their audiences are truly talking about. This means you can engage in the right conversations to drive business growth.

Using's proprietary ontology and social media-trained machine learning solutions, our Knowledge Graph Evaluator helps you know if consumers and creators are talking about "Apple" the fruit, the company or the record label. Knowledge Graph clears the noise and removes confusion when analyzing social media speech at scale.


What are creators and consumers saying about your brand? Soulmates Sentiment Analysis decodes the unique language of social media speech that other tools fail to grasp.

Our Sentiment Analysis tool is trained exclusively on social media content, with tens of thousands of entries and growing. We ensure that terms, abbreviations, hashtags, emoticons, and other types of social speech and expression are scored properly. As a result, our accuracy ranks about 20 percent higher than other industry sentiment tools.


Who are the creators you work with and are they appropriate to work with your company? Our Personality Graph was built specifically for social speech and is based on HEXACO, the most advanced psychometric instrument available. With its lexical study of personality structure, it is an ideal scientific model for assessing personality through social speech and expression. Other generic solutions for personality insights are not trained on social media content, and use outdated psychometric models. Only Soulmates.AI delivers the most accurate assessment of individuals based on their social media output, so you can ensure your organization shares their goals and values before you ask them to advocate for your product.

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Soulmates Bot Detection helps identify at scale when social media accounts are actually automated bots that will detract from your message. Through deep analysis and machine learning, our Bot Detection API automates identifying real people, and helps avoid wasteful communication or reliance on fake influencers and audiences.

Available in Q2 2018.


Soulmates Image Recognition helps scale image analysis of social media posts. Are your products showing up in a particular creator's posts? How often do they appear? Use Image Recognition to label social posts and understand where your products appear so you can enter the right conversations to drive business growth.

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Soulmates Collab uses the power of social data and modern design to help manage influence marketing campaigns at scale. Soulmates Collab, designed especially for the creative gig economy, predicts success and makes it easier to achieve maximum influence.

We've built a workflow system that taps into the work styles of millennial and Gen Z users by simplifying recruitment, negotiation, and content production. We built our system to be flexible and forgiving with your team in mind.


Soulmates.AI powers social creator discovery based on the science of personality. While other tools help find one-off creators for campaigns, Soulmates.AI matches you with the ideal creators for building long-term promotional relationships built on an authentic sharing of goals and values.

When consumers receive messages they want from social media creators they trust, conversions don’t just happen—they turn into lasting relationships. That’s why we worked with Dr. J. Galen Buckwalter, the industry’s leading psychometrician, to match companies up with the best-suited creators and consumers for their brand.

Measurement Tools


Soulmates.AI technology powers the Ayzenberg Earned Media Value Index, which is the industry standard for assigning a dollar value for social media endorsements and actions across all major social media platforms. Over 1,500 companies have downloaded our report and dozens of platforms, brands and agencies use our API to power their reporting with advanced algorithms and media experience. Our values are updated daily at 5 am Pacific Time.

We provide this independent research to the industry at no charge, but even more precise, industry-specific APIs are also available at a premium.

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Brand trust is hard to build and easy to lose. However, brands must command trust across industries and time. Soulmates.AI's research, conducted with world-famous psychologist and eHarmony founding scientist Dr. J. Galen Buckwalter, helps companies understand the dimensions of brand trust and how to improve them.

The Ayzenberg BTI is both a methodology and tool for judging how consumers trust brands and what types of trust truly matter. Based on detailed research and the power of Soulmates.AI's social intelligence tools, the BTI is your key to building a stronger brand.

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