Social Insight APIs


What if you could understand the “what” of social media? What are people saying? What are the correlations? What action can I take? Knowledge Graph gives you the answers.

Using our proprietary ontology and extensive understanding of how to train machine learning models on social data, our Knowledge Graph tool sorts out the entities referenced in a channel or individual post and links to those references.


You want to do more than just define subject matter. Smarter analysis is built upon how people feel about the things they mention, their attitudes and impressions.

Our Sentiment Analysis tool is trained exclusively on social media content, with tens of thousands of entries and growing, ensuring the terms, abbreviations, emoticons, and other types of social speech are scored properly.


We base our personality assessment on the HEXACO instrument. This is a psychological inventory of the six major dimensions of personality. Because HEXACO uses a lexical study of personality structure, it is an ideal scientific model to use in assessing personality through social speech.

Now you can know much more about the person behind the words. Other personality profiling solutions in the market use older psychological instruments and do not train their models on social speech. We use the right data. We use the right tools.

Available by the end of November 2017.


Don’t miss all of the content being made through social video. Video is becoming ubiquitous on major social networks. We made its analysis foundational to

Our Speech-to-Text gives you the power to make video content a part of your analysis, insight, and follow through, and combined with our other APIs, could transform your understanding of creators and audiences alike.

Available by the end of December 2017.


The power of social is genuine communication, person to person, the exchange of one idea for the next. Machines ruin the magic.

Our Bot Detection API maintains the advantage and integrity of social engagement analysis.

Available by the end of November 2017.


Pictures paint a thousand words—let’s define the beauty. Image analysis brings dynamic insight to static imagery.

With Image Object Detection, we detect various objects in an image and label them. Now the expressiveness of social imagery is unlocked.

Available by the end of November 2017.

Engagement Tools


Soulmates IRM harnesses the power of our data, your team, and end-to-end capability. Ours is a true solution for the creative gig economy that helps scale influencer marketing campaigns.

We've built a workflow system that taps into the workstyle of millennial and Gen Z users by simplifying recruitment, negotiation, and content production. We built our system to be flexible and forgiving with you and your team in mind.


Millions of public social accounts, all enriched with our data. We’ve opened the doors to our warehouse to forever change how you use earned media.

Whether you are looking for new and unique influencers or a specific kind of individual well suited for your message, we have a discovery algorithm aimed at finding either the right kind of creators or consumers or a combination of both.


What if you could match by what mattered? What if science and technology could be the marriage that produces true and lasting brand-influencer relationships? We have the answers.

Using our proprietary Brand Personality Survey and psychometric analysis, we go far beyond producing the tired and ineffective social celebrity endorsements. We produce brand soulmates, and they are right from the start.

Measurement Tools


In 2016, Ayzenberg's Insights team, who are responsible for analytics reporting for Fortune 1000 companies including Microsoft, Marriott, and Amazon, sought an update to the way they report on successful social campaigns. No industry standard could be found, so Ayzenberg Group brought together its Analytics, Media and SciTech teams to build an index that would set a baseline for brands, agencies, and marketing platforms alike.

The Ayzenberg EMV index sets values on the various types of engagements specific to each social network. These values are used for measuring both forecasts and ROI. Our EMV Live product now addresses the slight daily movements in the values themselves, and provides a dynamically generated update to the index daily via our API.


Brand trust is multi-dimensional and a true experience for the consumer. What if we could measure and track that trust over time?

The Ayzenberg BTI is a methodology and scale for judging how consumers trust brands, developed by the Ayzenberg Science and Technology team.

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