Our IRM is an end-to-end SaaS solution. It is built to handle organizations just starting with influencer marketing and scale to the needs of firms that have been doing it for years.

Soulmates IRM is built with each vital workflow in mind, from discovery to content creation to campaign management to measurement. Each component is created with your team in mind by people deeply familiar with the influencer workflow. We have been doing this for years and we built a tool that we love and use ourselves.

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We take the details and targets most important to you and build a set of influencers that will provide the greatest ROI and extended resonance.

License access to the most comprehensive data set on potential influencers available in the market today. We know if their followers are real (not bots), their personality type, their passions and attitudes toward things, and the value of their engagements. The depth of our data fuels the influencer industry.

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Once we’ve discovered a list of potential influencer suitors, we make as precise a brand-influencer match as possible. With our proprietary Brand Personality Survey, we are able to determine a brand personality profile. Used in tandem with the personality scores we derive through our psychometric tools, these traits are matched to produce true brand soulmates.

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