Soulmates Collab

Manage influencer marketing campaigns at scale with Soulmates Collab. This flexible and forgiving platform was built with modern workers in mind. Measure true 'Return on Attention' with predictive tools, easy creator capture, direct reporting using Ayzenberg's Earned Media Value Index, and simple workflows that allow you to run campaigns of any size.

Soulmates Collab is built with vital workflows in mind, from discovery to content creation and campaign management to measurement. Created by people who run influencer campaigns for a living, we know you will love how it helps you achieve your goals.

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Choose the details and targets that matter and build a set of creators that provide the most influence and the greatest ROI for your brand.

License access to the most comprehensive data set on potential influencers available in the market today. We know if their followers are real (not bots), their personality type, their passions and attitudes toward subjects you care about, and their engagement value. With Soulmates.AI, track all aspects of working with social media creators that matter.

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