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Ayzenberg Earned Media Value Index

Earned Media Value (EMV) Index API

Our Earned Media Value Index helps you understand the ROI of your social media, influencer and content marketing campaigns.

Built on decades of media buying, combined with analytics reporting for Fortune 500 companies, third-party research and our advanced Soulmates.AI technology, companies trust our Index to give them a dollar value for the social media actions and endorsements that make up modern earned media.

Baseline (cross-industry) daily values are available when clicking “View Full Index” and a.EMVI quarterly numbers are available in our downloadable white-paper

Both the Baseline and the more precise Vertical values are available through our API. The EMVI API is a simple tool to bring real ROI values into your internal reporting system or into your analytics marketing platform to offer your customers the edge when judging the success of their social media marketing.

With one API call per day and our easy to follow one page integration guide, you have at your fingertips the industry’s leading source for Earned Media Value.

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