turning data into influence

Every second of every day, people are sharing like never before, telling the world about what they like, dislike and love on social media.

Soulmates AI help you understand social speech through a blend of data and social sciences, providing you with actionable insight about creators and audiences.

Speak to a customer’s heart, not just their data

what is soulmates.ai?

Using AI and machine learning, soulmates.ai processes social speech using proprietary technology built to understand the specific ways we speak on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and other social platforms.

Our social sciences come from the brain of Dr. Galen Buckwalter, the founding scientist behind eHarmony. Our data sciences are powered by PhD’s from Amazon, Netflix, and YouTube. This scientific approach is why we built the ideal platform to help technology solution deliver the right results for brands and agencies.

Soulmates AI provides a holistic understanding of the personality fingerprint of both creators and audiences, which is the key to understanding the most direct paths to their hearts and minds.

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how it works

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