turning data into influence

Every second, every day there are millions of social posts.
Hundreds of millions of hours of video. Billions of comments.

People are sharing like never before, telling
the world about what they like, dislike and love.

soulmates.ai helps you speak to their hearts, not their data.

what is soulmates.ai?

Using AI and machine learning, soulmates.ai processes social speech using psychometrics and topic analysis, as well as interest graph analysis and creative factors to establish a blended soulmates rating for each creator.

Our social sciences come from the brain of Dr. Galen Buckwalter, the co-founder of eHarmony. Our data sciences are powered by PhDs who worked with Amazon, Netflix, and YouTube.

Brands use our offerings to intelligently build relationships and socialize their products with the creators, audiences, and communities that will truly love them.

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how it works

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Built with your team and social media influencers in mind, our influence relationship management platform is built around soulmates.ai and makes it easy to run campaigns with any number of creators using a flexible system that does the hard work for you.

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