Advertising is broken. Consumers easily avoid interruptive brand messages across platforms. Companies waste tens of billions of dollars on ineffective traditional advertising.

Soulmates.AI helps brands, agencies and platforms make marketing work for everyone.

We analyze publicly-available data to help brands track the ROI of their marketing and find the ideal creators with whom they can collaborate to social their message.

Most importantly, we do this without violating the privacy of brands or consumers. We believe the best marketing happens when everyone opts into the conversation.

Measure Your Social Media ROI With The a.EMVI

Our Earned Media Value Index helps you understand the ROI of your social media, influencer and content marketing campaigns. By accurately measuring your impact, you are empowered to move your marketing dollars into more efficient advertising. Marketing results are too opaque. That is why Soulmates.AI built the Earned Media Value Index, the industry’s authority on the dollar value of social and influencer marketing campaigns. Over 2,500 companies have downloaded our research to help understand the ROI of their campaigns through the a.EMVI, while multiple platforms have integrated the a.EMVI into their reporting tools through our easy API.

Social ROI Reporter

Quantify the ROI for Social Media and Influencer Campaigns

Social ROI Reporter is a quick tool for tracking your brand’s social media performance, using the industry’s most trusted values, alongside competitors or additional brands from your company. Quickly export your data to use within your own systems as well.

Earned Media Value (EMV) Index API

Provide your customers with the true judge of ROI with our a.EMVI API

Built on decades of media buying, combined with analytics reporting for Fortune 500 companies, third-party research and our advanced Soulmates.AI technology, companies trust our Index to give them a dollar value for the social media actions and endorsements that make up modern earned media. Bring in the Baseline or the more precise Vertical values into your marketing platform today to enhance the value proposition to your customers through our API.

Brand Soulmates

Soulmates.AI unlocks the science of psychometric marketing. Since the advent of social media networks, consumers have been given the freedom to talk more openly than ever about their likes, loves and hates. This provides unprecedented insight into their personality, a factor that doesn’t change over time but is scientifically proven to be a strong indicator of future behavior. We can empower your platform or technology solution with unprecedented insight into matching your brand with the right creators to socialize your marketing messages.

Brand Soulmates enhances social creator discovery based on the science of personality and other factors of influence. While other tools help find one-off creators for campaigns based on publicly-available information, Brand Soulmates provides proprietary personality analysis tuned specifically to social speech to give your platform or system the edge in matching brands with the ideal creators with whom they can partner.

With Brand Soulmates powering your search, you can help your customers build long-term promotional relationships built on an authentic connection of goals and values.

Brand Trust Index

Brand trust is hard to build and easy to lose. However, brands must command trust across industries and time. Soulmates.AI's research, conducted with world-famous psychologist and eHarmony founding scientist Dr. J. Galen Buckwalter, helps companies understand the dimensions of brand trust and how to improve them.


What are creators and consumers saying about your brand? Soulmates Sentiment Analysis decodes the unique language of social media speech that other tools fail to grasp.

Our Sentiment Analysis tool is trained exclusively on social media content, with tens of thousands of entries and growing. We ensure that terms, abbreviations, hashtags, emoticons, and other types of social speech and expression are scored properly. As a result, our accuracy ranks about 20 percent higher than other industry sentiment tools.


Soulmates Bot Detection helps identify at scale when social media accounts are actually automated bots that will detract from your message. Through deep analysis and machine learning, our Bot Detection API automates identifying real people, and helps avoid wasteful communication or reliance on fake influencers and audiences.

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